moog – Voyager Plug In SE (VST/AU)

Take complete control of your Minimoog Voyager from within the comforts of your Digital Audio Workstation. •VST and AU compatible. •RTAS support coming soon. NOTE: This is not a Virtual Instrument plug-in.  A Minimoog Voyager is required for use with this program. The Voyager PlugSE links the analog sound and power of your Minimoog Voyager with an intuitive and convenient controller plug-in for Mac and PC. It is the perfect way to seamlessly integrate your Minimoog into a modern production, recording and performance environment. Easily route controls, create complex modulations, manage presets, and automate parameters on your Minimoog Voyager all from […]

Octatrack, Machinedrum, DSI Tetra, Moog Voyager Video

Hochgeladen von dylannau am 06.10.2011 A jam with the Octatrack, Machinedrum, DSI Tetra, Moog Voyager. Tetra is the lead line and the arpeggio in the bridge, Moog is the bridge spurting synth bass thingy. The main bass lines are sample from the ARP Odyssey and reconstructed. Mostly using scenes here to build an on the fly arrangement. All instruments sequenced by the Octatrack, straight into stereo Logic. Mastering software on the main mix buss. Tweet

Moog Voyager: Low Oscillator Volume + FX

Moog Voyager: Low Oscillator Volume + FX from Calvin Cardioid on Vimeo.​dnyXG2 From CL516 BLOG: A simple video just to hear the sounds, headphones ON! With all the recent talk about the upcoming Moog Voyager XL, I thought I’d take the Voyager out for a spin. Everything played here exited the Voyager’s left mono output only, making use of the dual filters and spacing knob. For another Moog Voyager video, please visit: ​12410737​ dnyXG2 Thickening Up the Moog Voyager Thickening Up the Moog Voyager from Calvin Cardioid on Vimeo.​9grthM FROM CL516 BLOG. For another Moog Voyager […]

Minimoog Voyager XL, Now Official, is a New Monster

The 40th anniversary of the Minimoog hits this year: that’s four decades since the original reshaped the very notion of what a synthesizer looks like. Moog Music has answered with a real beast. It returns the core of the Minimoog Model D, but with the Voyager’s stable oscillators, patch storage, signature X/Y touch surface, pot mapping, and MIDI control – all while retaining a 100% analog signal path, if you’re a purist. Just like the Voyager, that means some analog-ically good sound, without sacrificing modern convenience. (Yes, even the Minimoog’s original creators recall that working without patch memory was a […]

Moog Voyager, Alisa and Bearsynth via Chris Harvey

Some synth pics in via Chris Harvey, who’s new release Colonization comes out today. Release posted on MATRIXSYNTH-C Synths featured: Moog Voyager Old School Soviet Alisa DIY Bearsynth One „it’s a one off bent DIY synth I made, ostensibly a heavily modded MFOS Minisynth. The main mods are an LED for LFO speed, external input and quite a lot of jigging about with tolerances of components and routing to introduce some lovely instability. Whilst the front panel is laid out like a conventional 2 Osc synth, the sound is more akin to a Radiophonic Workshop wobbulator/broken (but still […]

Minimoog Voyager Instructional Videos – Introduction

YouTube Video von MoogMusicInc If you’re an experienced Voyager player or are just thinking about taking the step up to one, these videos are for you. Brian Kehew (Moog Cookbook, The Who) unlocks the mystery behind every knob, switch, and button, revealing the secrets to putting your finger in the electronic pulse. These videos taken from the Moog Sonic Infinity Series DVD collection are an easy way to learn more about this iconic synthesizer and about synthesis in general. For more information, visit Minimoog Voyager Instructional Videos – Oscillators & Mixer Tweet

Moog Voyager Editor Librarian II

YouTube Video von Subtronik This video showcases the Moog Voyager Editor Librarian Preset Genetics. Preset Genetics allows you to quickly build new sounds from two existing ones in a similar fashion to breeding. Parameters of each of the two sources (parents) are combined using four different functions to generate a new bank of presets (kids). I only selected the ‚Random‘ feature this time to generate abstract sounds. No effects were used. LOUD NOISES, BEWARE! You can get the Moog Voyager Editor Librarian here:… Tweet

isample moog voyager performance

YouTube Video von trrstrl Short electronic music performance using Way Out Ware’s iSample for ipod touch. All samples used are from a Moog Voyager RME. Video recorded with a Canon T1i camera. Audio recorded with an Edirol R-09HR wave recorder. The audio is a few seconds out of sync with the video. Assembled in Nero. Tweet