Korg MS-20 Kit — Build Your Own Analog Legend!

Introducing MS-20 Kit – a true-analog, 1:1 scale reissue of the original MS-20, with both filters built in (the more aggressive early production filter and the mellower late production one). Every detail has been replicated, right down to the packaging! MS-20 Kit comes disassembled, providing you, the owner, the excitement of putting together your very own MS-20 (no solder required!). Just like MS-20 mini, MS-20 Kit includes MIDI In and USB-MIDI functionality. Learn more about MS-20 Kit at http://www.korg.com. Tweet

KORG MS-20 Kit – Do it yourself!

Vor einem Jahr präsentierte KORG den Synthesizer MS-20 mini als Bausatz – ein Angebot, das sehr gut angenommen wurde, denn das Bastelerlebnis scheint viele Musiker zu erfreuen. Nun legt der japanische Hersteller nach und bietet ab sofort auch den MS-20 ebenfalls als Bausatz an. Die gleichen Ingenieure, die schon das Original von 1978 entwickelten, sind nun auch mit dem Kit betreut worden. Lieferbar ab Februar 2014, streng limitiert. UVP des Herstellers: 1546 EUR · Vollformatiger MS-20 als Bausatz (ohne Lötarbeiten) · Frühe und späte Filterversionen umschaltbar nutzbar · Betreut von den Ingenieuren des original MS-20 · komplette Reproduktion der klassischen Analogschaltung · MIDI IN- und USB-Anschluss […]

MS-20 is reborn. – KORG MS-20 mini NEU

Join Korg Inc.’s own Fumio Mieda and Hiroaki Nishijima – the engineers who brought us the legendary MS-20 back in 1978 – as we take a look at the new MS-20 Mini! Both personally oversaw the design of the modern-day MS-20, which features the exact same true-analog signal path as the legendary original. The incredibly powerful dual filters with peak/resonance, CV functionality, external signal processing, and unique hands-on patching system are all here – with 5-pin and USB MIDI to boot — and all at 86% of the original size. MS-20 mini Monophonic Analog Synthesizer The classic MS-20 –recreated in […]

M-Z3R0 – circuit bent – casio SA20 with korg MS20

YouTube von manufacturedZ3R0 „Running a korg ms20 through the delay on the SA20. The video out is active all the way through due to the SA20 being crashed. I switch to internal source on the delay near the end and mess around with the crashed glitching.“ M-Z3R0 – circuit bent casio SA20 – part 2 of 2 „Messing with another sa20. Lot’s of LFO action with some good deep crash chops at the end.“ Quelle: matrixsynth.blogspot.com Tweet

Acidtown play Da Funk by Daft Punk


YouTube Video von sitonka (tb303 sh101 korg MS20 tr909 tr808 ABLETON) A kind of interpretation of the Daft Punk Classic Da Funk on our studio setup consisting of some old analogue gear. Had such a laugh doing it that had to youtube it for the memory. Once you switch off the synths, you never really get the same sound back again! Recorded on a crappy phone cam, but you get the idea ok. Thanks to corri303 who did this amazing piece if work to get the tb303 line. Anyone who has a 303 will tell you they are a pain […]

Korg MS20 Easy Synthing: jamming Video

YouTube Video von se7ense7 „http://alienrobotdance.wordpress.com – http://www.soundcloud.com/alienrobotd… – http://www.smyspace.com/alienrobotdance I borrowed a KORG MS20. I think it’s one with the new filter design, it sounds a lot less harsh than another one I played with some time ago… One note, being triggered by the 707. I routed the wheel to the pitch, and both the filters are affected by the MG (LFO). I’m tweaking all the knobs, recorded the MS20 audio first, and build some drums around it to make it a little more fun to watch – listen.“ Korg MS 20 easy synthing 2: using sample and hold, ESP […]