Moog’s Upcoming Sub37 Synth Detailed in New 20-Minute Video

Amidst the swell of continuing NAMM developments, a new video has surfaced detailing the features of the Sub37, Moog’s new „paraphonic analog synthesizer“ which is expected to see a release later this year. The Sonicstate website provides this comprehensive look at the Sub37 prototype—including its voice architecture similar to Moog’s SubPhatty synth, its built-in arpgeggiator, and a host of new routing and modulation features. Furthermore, what Sub37’s „paraphonic“ quality actually is is explained in the 20-plus-minute video as well, which can be watched in full below. Quelle: Tweet

moog – Voyager Plug In SE (VST/AU)

Take complete control of your Minimoog Voyager from within the comforts of your Digital Audio Workstation. •VST and AU compatible. •RTAS support coming soon. NOTE: This is not a Virtual Instrument plug-in.  A Minimoog Voyager is required for use with this program. The Voyager PlugSE links the analog sound and power of your Minimoog Voyager with an intuitive and convenient controller plug-in for Mac and PC. It is the perfect way to seamlessly integrate your Minimoog into a modern production, recording and performance environment. Easily route controls, create complex modulations, manage presets, and automate parameters on your Minimoog Voyager all from […]

Octatrack, Machinedrum, DSI Tetra, Moog Voyager Video

Hochgeladen von dylannau am 06.10.2011 A jam with the Octatrack, Machinedrum, DSI Tetra, Moog Voyager. Tetra is the lead line and the arpeggio in the bridge, Moog is the bridge spurting synth bass thingy. The main bass lines are sample from the ARP Odyssey and reconstructed. Mostly using scenes here to build an on the fly arrangement. All instruments sequenced by the Octatrack, straight into stereo Logic. Mastering software on the main mix buss. Tweet

Neon Indian :: Filtatron :: Moog Sound Lab

MoogMusicInc | 5. November 2010 Check out Neon Indian experimenting with multiple filter modulations by running the Moog Filtatron into the external audio input of the Slim Phatty. Sneak Peak at Moog Sound Lab, the new online show from Moog Music coming soon. Moog Sound Lab features artists from all genres experimenting with synthesis. Tweet

Moog Filtatron “Lite” (free) under the name of “Moogfest App”

Here is the Moog Filtatron App in a sort oft Lite Version. via Sequencer Synthesizer Forum • Thema anzeigen – Moog Filtatron für umme !. Unterschiede: / Difference  mal eben verglichen: – kein line / no “line” – im delay kein rate + depth mod / no delay rate / depth mod – bei den pads kein vcf / no vcf for pad – im sampler keine aufnahme / no recording in sampler Quelle: Tweet

Moogy Men – Moogfest 2010 this week in Asheville, NC

Bob Moog at the ’03 Academy in Cape Town Traditionally, the state of North Carolina has been associated with several disparate features – tobacco, the Great Smokey Mountains, hushpuppies, and pulled pork. Synthesizers should also be added to that list. Bob Moog set up his Moog synthesizer factory in the small, pastoral community of Asheville, located in the western part of the state, over 30 years ago. And even after his death in 2005, circuits have been forever imprinted on the town. To celebrate his legacy, the 2010 Moogfest festival kicks off in Asheville this Friday and continues throughout the […]