Never is a song that I’ve been working on for very long time because it is very precious to me. It’s about those meaningful and defining moments you’ve experienced that you’re trying hard to recreate. The irrational and impossible desire of human beings to rewind as opposed to looking forward, which only produces nostalgia.

Culprate – The Experimental Album

I’m an electronic music producer that goes by the name of Culprate. I want to take my production to the next level and create an experimental album. No idea what to fill this space with. Here’s my social media deets. Sorry I’m so bad at keeping them up to date. I know I need to use twitter more >>> Soundcloud >>> Facebook >>> Twitter Oh and I’ll give a free tune away when we reach halfway. Tweet

Boys Noize feat. Snoop Dogg – Got It (Official Video)

BOYS NOIZE – Got It (Feat. Snoop Dogg) iTunes: Beatport: Video Director: Autumn Casey Producer: Alex Ridha Filmed by:Autumn Casey *additional filming by Soda Kat, and Hansu-Kim Set Design: Autumn Casey *additional set assistance by Kelly Williams BOYS NOIZE instagram: boysnoize vine – boysnoize BOYSNOIZE RECORDS… Tweet

Insertview with Culprate (at) Viale Rossi Project

Dicembre 2013. Viale Rossi Project. Siamo andati a fare due chiacchiere con due noti esponenti della scena underground inglese, quelli della Londra brutta, sporca e cattiva. Il primo, Culprate, dj dubstep e dintorni (Ultimamente il neurofunk lo gasa parecchio), giovane talentuoso dal cuore d’oro, che oltre a riempire le sale dei club, continua la sua collaborazione con Inspector Dubplate e il suo movember for charity. Il secondo, MC Maksim, ha i piedi piantati nella musica da un bel pezzo e vanta collaborazioni con dei veri big, da Skream a Benga, dai Modestep a Koan Sound, ma solo nel 2013 ha […]