Miami 2016 Compilation [Eisenwaren EW 081] Release Date: 14.03.2016

+++ OUT SOON +++ OUT SOON +++ OUT SOON +++ Miami 2016 Compilation [Eisenwaren EW 081] Incl. Tracks & Remixes by: Luca Beni, DJ Fronter & DJ Smilk, Roberto De Haro, Lorenzo Navarro & Victor del Guio, Luca M, Jose Antonio eMe, Sebastian Ledher & Tini Garcia, FEDERICO VIECO & Mateo Matt Klast, Vin Vega, BOK, Starskie ( DJ & Producer ) & FonoFuchs, Robert Bruen, Joeski, Javier Alemany ( Dj and Producer), Benn Finn, Mirco Niemeier, Anton Madera, Disha, Mano Meter, Bebetta, Fryderyk Tabaka, Sebastian Huechel – heimlich feiern, Alex Flatner, Low Sun & SpielKinder, UniTy and Arno Stolz Release Date: 14.03.2016 [Beatport Exclusive] Klicken Sie auf den unteren Button, um den Inhalt von zu laden. Inhalt laden Tweet


Purchase “Psymbionic Presents: Neurovation” Gravitas Recordings and Psymbionic have teamed up to create a unique charity compilation record, titled “Neurovation”. Charity:Water, whose goal is to make clean water easily accessible to rural villages and developing nations, will receive one hundred percent of the proceeds. Spanning a wide spectrum of electronic music, this collection of tracks includes a fusion of multiple bass heavy genres. Gravitas is founded on the idea that creativity fueled by passion and collaboration will produce a positive impact on the world community. Neurovation fulfills these intentions with an international team of talented producers coming together to produce a quality compilation of […]

Enter Calico: Cracking Good Listening in Compilation Album, App, Videos

tricil – The Emancipation from Clear Notice on Vimeo. stretta – Calculus from Clear Notice on Vimeo. Forget the iPad app or cross-media visual interpretation for a moment. “Enter Calico,” the compilation debut of new electronic label Clear Notice Recordings, begins with some damned fine music listening. In a world after shallow labels like “IDM,” this collection of independent artists represents the current generation about as well as any can. Meticulously-detailed sound designs stutter and shimmer through varied cinematic soundscapes, nodding at genres with only passing concern. Like a well-curated variety show, something is bound to grab you somewhere. But […]

Carhartt Pres. The Festival Compilation for Free

with Aloe Blacc, Dorian Concept, Robot Koch, Comfort Fit, fLako and many more…. 01 | JR&PH7 Fast Lane Speedin‘ ft. Oddisee (Philta’s Reboogie) 02 | Swede:art Snapshots On A Sunday Night 03 | Marvwon & Brenk Mill Ticket 04 | JR&PH7 Let’s Move ft. Skyzoo (The Clonious Remix) 05 | Free The Robots Orion’s Belt Buckle 06 | Suff Daddy ft. Miles Bonny 5 o’Clock 07 | Aloe Blacc I’m beautiful 08 | Yosaku ft. Bobbito Malembe (7-Inch Edit) 09 | fLako What’s That Calling Me 10 | 1000 NAMES Yellow First Stranger 11 | JR&PH7 Take It To The […]