Doepfer Monster Modular

YouTube Video von belempa1 L’impressionnante valise Doepfer est déjà remplie , il faut toujours plus d’espace : satané modulaire 🙂 Ce patch utilise plusieurs oscillateurs et le VM-1 de Cwejman , en passant par les excellent filtres Malekko-Wiard . La reverb‘ est une A199 Doepfer avec le tank du Q115 , et le Z5000 Tiptop pour le delay. Le but de ce patch est de tourner en boucle sans l’aide de séquenceur et de clavier externe . The impressive suitcase Doepfer is already full, More space is always needed: damned modular , 🙂 This patch uses several oscillators and […]

A warriors theme

YouTube Video von attorks I always wonder where the inspiration comes from but again I think this video is different then all the previous ones. It began this evening when looking at new items on the MATRIXSYNTH website when I looked at this video of the FabFilter Twin 2 virtual synth. I liked the demo and downloaded the trail at there website. I began to play with it in Ableton Live as VST and when browsing through the drums presets, I found an interesting snare drum. I altered the sound somewhat and the idea was born. Apart from the 5 […]

Doepfer Sequence Video

YouTube Video von beamercola Doepfer MAQ16/3 controlling Yamaha TX-7 and Korg MS-20 through Roland SDE-1000 digital delay. Row 1 is controlling note on TX-7 Row 2 is controlling velocity of TX-7 Row 3 is controlling gate of MS-20 for „drum“ (actually CV-out controlling Trig in because no control over MAQ gate :P) Tweet

Doepfer Regelwerk + MAM ADX-1 + Moogerfooger MF-101…..

YouTube Video von s0LVentCIty Doepfer Regelwerk + MAM ADX-1 + x0xb0x + Roland SH-101 + Moogerfooger MF-101 This Doepfer Regelwerk is currently being auctioned by me on Ebay, ending March 8 2010: I created this video mainly to demonstrate this Regelwerk for my auction, but hopefully it will serve a purpose as a demonstration of the Regelwerk’s sequencer mode, since there really aren’t any good demos of this sequencer available on YouTube. Just a brief description of how the Regelwerk works in sequencer mode: – Sequencer uses sliders/buttons #9-24 – 8 tracks, max length 16 steps (Step on/off + […]

Launchpad controlling a Doepfer MAQ16/3

YouTube Video von attorks Last week I bought a Novation Launchpad to experiment further with Ableton Live. But I also wanted to see if the Launchpad can be used to control the Doepfer MAQ16/3. I discovered the AutoMap software provided with the Launchpad is a bit of a disappointment. As far as I know now you cannot send a Program Change message with the buttons. And the MAQ16/3 needs them. I also did not get the MIDI learn function to work but maybe I missed something and the documentation is not much help. Anyway, I used the MIDI-OX software to […]

First experiences with the Doepfer 12 db SEM VCF

YouTube Video von RothHandle An interesting day in the studio mostly due to the fact that I thought Id be working with one project but it turned out that I was doing some new rough mixes for the soundtrack me and Matti are working on…But first I had a bit of fun with a new filer that arrived at the studio today. I am sorry that this film is slightly unfocused and weird but as I wrote it is my first try-out of the filter…my first mumbly steps if you will… This film was recorded at Roth Händle studos in […]