DSI Mopho Keyboard Update

Dave Smiths‘ New Baby Due In April Dave Smith Instruments has posted a status update on their much-anticipated Mopho Keyboard: If all the various bits and pieces come in on time, we hope to ship mid-April, but we still don’t have a „real“ one to show you. The image above should be pretty close, though. Mopho Keyboard The voice architecture and general specs are the same as the Mopho desktop module. Enhancements include programmable feedback gain, additional arpeggiator modes, and the ability to set the slew rate separately for individual sequence steps. (Yes, the latter two features will eventually find […]

Free VST for Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

SignalToNoize has released MoControl VST – a free VST controller for the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho synthesizer. Here’s what they have to say about it: Like most other DSI MoPho & Prophet 08 owners I wanted VST integration to control/automate parameters. This is the much pre-mature outcome of that desire. Feel free to Beta test & make suggestions in the comment section. Forgive the horrid graphics, I’ll be giving the gui, fixes, & changes my attention during creative downtime. As always  I hope other  like minded musicians get some use/fun out of these efforts. System requirements include a Windows/Linux based […]