Modular Gameboy

YouTube Video von RustyNex this is a modular gameboy that i built. its a cut down gameboy pocket in a box without the amplifier, LCD, LCD regulator, battery compartment and controls. the advantage is that i can plug in as little or as much as i want to into it. so if i want to use it just as a LSDJ master i can just plug in a cartridge and a network cable, or use it as a full gameboy like in this video. also it is pitch bent because there was loads of free space. later on it will […]

Casio RZ-1PLUS Drum Machine Circuit Bent Mod“

YouTube Video von kenzie2029 If you want to skip the explanation and hear what it does, skip to around 4 min. This is the Casio RZ-1 Plus version. This is Casio stock version of this type of mod:… The kits are acoustic, electric and Latin. The number one best feature about Casio version is that its has four banks of sample memory giving you the ability of sampling 16 sounds. The bends and mods to this drum are similar to this one:… I painted this one white, redid the text, added wood panels, and upgraded the materials used. […]

Speak & Spell mingles in the studio

YouTube Video RothHandle Yesterday was a reunion of sorts as Claes Eliasson came back to Studio and helped me out to record some fresh overdubs for the new Necromonkey album. The song we worked on is called Tuesday as it was recorded on a Wednesday. This film was recorded at Roth Händle studos in Stockholm, Sweden. This is where I spend my days recording and producing artists…The studio started in my apartment and evolved slowly from there. This is the forth location of the studio. The first one obviously was at home…the second and third was at a abandoned shipyard […]

Squidfanny – Circuit Bent Casio SK-1

YouTube Video von squidfanny Need space for various projects, so selling some old gear via ebay………. Quick vid to show some of the glitch sounds………. 10 minutes isn’t long enough to explore this machine, but you can get the basic idea…. Circuit Bent CASIO SK-1 – Precision Oscillator (getlofi). – LFO – Light Sensor – Channel Mutes – 13 point metal Bolt-Bay – 39 GLITCHES Hardwired onto Toggles and Rotary switches – A couple of Reset buttons – Bright flashing LED lights mounted UNDER the Green PCB – Green LED Lights next to each switch to indicate which glitches are […]