ARP Odyssey Analog Synthesizer (1972)

YouTube Video von retrosound72 vintage synth demo by RetroSound ARP Odyssey Analog Synthesizer from the year 1972 The ARP Odyssey was the direct rival to the Minimoog. The sound is fantastic and powerfull. The Odyssey`s sync-sounds are incredible and for me the best oscillator sync sound next to the Moog Prodigy The Odyssey is perfect for very punchy bass and nice lead sounds. One of the best monophonic analog synths ever. more info: and and… Unfortunately it came to a few disturbed noises in the video thru the YT compression. Sorry. Tweet

ARP-O-MATIC – ARP Odyssey Synth Freak-Out

ARP-O-MATIC – ARP Odyssey Synth Freak-Out = Bill T Miller – Orgy Of Noise (vintage white face ARP model) from BTMTV on Vimeo. — Bill T Miller (BTM) tweaking in his Headroom Studios (Boston) back in 2003. This vintage Arp Odyssey Synthesizer (from 1974) was purchased by BTM in 1976 (used) and is one of the original WHITE FACE MODELS. Fun fact… ARP stands for Alan R. Pearlman the mastermind of ARP. This BTM Orgy Of Noise clip appears on the Orgy Of Noise 2004 DVD, but has never been on Vimeo or YouTube until now…. SEE MORE from […]

Arp Odyssey 2800 White Face twins

YouTube via jebeq2007 — April 05, 2010 — „I had these to White Face Odyssey together at one point, and had to film them because I did not think that I would ever see a pair of them together again. The song in the Background is by Space, Magic Fly done in the 70’s and yes they did use an Arp odyssey among other great analog synths of the time. I will probably do so more video’s of the Odyssey in the future demonstrating its wonderful sounds.“ previously posted Quelle: Tweet