Elektron Rytm Drum Synth: First Look & Performance


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  • 8 fully analog drum synth voices, each specifically designed to be optimized for their particular drum sound.
  • 12-channel sequencer with options to record from 12 pressure-sensitive, backlit pads or through traditional step sequencer button input. (4 drum pairs are set to cut each other off when triggered – such as open and closed hi-hats – preserving the 8-voice polyphony.) There are 128 onboard pattern memories for the sequencer.
  • Each of the channels has an analog synth voice, a 16-bit/48kHz WAV sample voice, analog multimode filter, analog distortion, an LFO and digital delay and reverb. The master mix also has an analog compressor and analog distortion.
  • Full parameter automation per step; change the tuning, filter and envelope settings, effects settings and more for each sound as the sequence plays.
  • USB port for MIDI and sample transfer to/from a computer.

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