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We wrote three hours of original music for the new DmC Devil May Cry videogame. We spent a load of time on it so we’re very happy that you can finally here the result. The game came out today and they used our tune ‚Tommy’s Theme‘ for the release trailer which you can watch below. To be clear: That song is not in the videogame itself, it only features completely new music.

You can listen to all 36 tracks from the soundtrack here on Soundcloud:

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The full Noisia ‚DmC Devil May Cry‘ soundtrack is out now on Division Recordings.

It’s available in CD format, exclusively on our re-launched webstore. We also offer lossless FLAC on the store for an affordable price:

Standard Version (18 tracks, 54 minutes):

Bonus Version (36 tracks, 81 minutes):

Download a free sample from the soundtrack:

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