Duncal Powell x Ego Thieves – Franked Download!

Ego Thieves have finally teamed up with the legendary UK Garage producer Duncan Powell, bringing you our first album ‘Franked’. Dedicated to the memory of Amy Winehouse and the modern day classic album, ‘Frank’.

Paying hommage to the incredible production values of the original album, Duncan was challenged with very little resources to work with. Only one accapella was available (‘Stronger Than Me’).

Instead of viewing limitations as an obstacle, he used various sampling techniques to extract a wealth of sounds from the original tracks and stitched the samples back together. He managed to create something new whilst utilising as many vocals, drums, and chord samples from the original as possible. I have added some drum, bass & synth sounds to finish the tracks off, but at least 80% of the sounds heard are straight from the original album.

Guided by the samples that were available, he remixed the tracks into whatever style was naturally formed whilst working.  This resulted in a mixture of Garage, Dub, Down tempo, Hip Hop and D&B being in the album.

With artwork from JC Adams & Jenai, we hope you enjoy this tribute to one of the greatest artists of our generation. We may sell limited edition, high quality poster prints of the artwork, if you are interested email us on info@egothieves.com. Also buy Amy Winhouses new album ‘Hidden Treasures‘ out now.

Quelle Download und mehr Infos hier: www.egothieves.com

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