PUNCHES is the Brooklyn based late night disco project of twin brothers Greg and Darin Bresnitz — who can be found tearing it up as DJ duo Finger on the Pulse — and nightlife pioneer Alan Astor. PUNCHES‘ synth littered, airy beats are rooted firmly in the soul filled space between disco and electro. “Feeling Right,” the debut single off their Sleepless City EP, features Astor’s warm, classic-sounding vocals and reveals PUNCHES as a club-ready band that can make it through ‘til morning. The release of PUNCHESSleepless City EP tomorrow also marks the inaugural release of Travis Hayden’s (IHEARTCOMIX, Big Beat) newest label, Our Label.

PUNCHES – Feeling Right
by punchesbk

mp3 PUNCHES – Feeling Right (Justin Faust Remix) (320 kbps)

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