Here’s a little clip from the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp at Japan’s Metamorphose Festival, that saw 30 of the country’s most exciting music makers come together for three days worth of lectures, studio action and performances in the beautiful countryside of Shizuoka. Watch to get a taste of what to expect when the Academy hits Tokyo in 2011, and hit the jump for some music from the Bass Camp studio trailers.

A total of five studios were set up, helmed by Jazzy Sport’s Grooveman Spot, drum’n’bass wizard Makoto (who’d lectured at the Academy before, back in 2007), and Kompakt’s main man in Nihon, Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito. More musical playground than Motown-style tune factory, the trailers saw music makers from the most diverse of backgrounds from electronic punk to wonky breaks, experiment with equipment analogue and digital.

Here are some of the results by M-Koda & Yuuichi Nakamura (with vocals by the amazing Mahina Apple), and Numb’n’Dub & GO, as well as a little excerpt from a jam session that featured Spot and Makoto alongside class of Academy ’10 Hiroaki OBA, amongst others.

M-Koda x Yuuichi Nakamura x Mahina Apple – mmn
Numb’n’Dub x GO – Metal Bull
Hiroaki OBA x Grooveman Spot x Makoto – Bass Camp Jam Session (Snippet)
(Right-click and download)

In some related news, our friends at Dommune are dedicating a full night to Bass Camp: Metamorphose 2010 on October 13, broadcasting the full lecture by former Can vocalist Damo Suzuki, as well as hosting live DJ sets from Academy fam Frosty of Dublab and fellow L.A. resident Kutmah. Tune in to their Ustream channel this Wednesday at 11am GMT, and watch out for some Metamorphose highlights coming up on Red Bull Music Academy Radio. Hai!

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