Dubfluence has to be one of my first loves on Ego Thieves (Even if I say so myself). The debate on many a forum on what is Dubstep and what is not is so beyond tedious its a joke. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love all aspects of Dubstep. I love to go out and DJ and drop some nasty mid range wobble, some dirty Subs and some, just out there crazy tunes. Then I love to come home, grab some food, pic up my Macbook and chill out to the amazing musical talents that Is Burial, James Blake, Phaeleh and more. Dubstep as a whole can offer nearly anyones musical taste something to listen to. This mix is full of Deep vibes, lots of Soul and lots of Sub. Don’t listen to it on your laptop…bring out the big speakers or get those headphones on and enjoy.

Release details:

Release Date: 23/09/10
Label: Ego Thieves
Mixed By: Jenai
Format: MP3
Split Tracks: Yes


  1. Tongue (Phaeleh Remix) – MaJiKer
  2. Ruby – Mount Kimbie
  3. Long Gone – The Widdler
  4. Tru Da City – Kashii
  5. You Know How I Feel – Kyle Hall
  6. Let Me Be –  Jackal Youth
  7. Purple Love – Silkie
  8. Putney Says – DJG & XI
  9. Tripped (Synkro Remix) – Dfrnt
  10. Light – XI
  11. Left Behind – Hosta [Exclusive]
  12. Cheki – Phaeleh
  13. Ticking Clocks – Faib
  14. Prophecy – EL-B vs Burial

Quelle und Mix Download: www.egothieves.com