Anoraak’s debut album ‘Wherever The Sun Sets’ was released yesterday, I suggest you go and buy that one. You don’t say no to 12 Anoraak songs to wind down to, and dream of sunny beaches, neon lights and palms dancing to the ocean breeze. ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is a collaboration with Sally Shapiro. It’s included on the album but I’ve got the alternative version for you to download for free!

mp3 Dont Be Afraid feat. Sally Shapiro (Alternative Version) (320 kbps)

The typical Anoraak guitars and synth sounds together with these dreamy vocals was just what I needed in dark autumn times like these, when getting out of bed in the morning seems like an impossible thing. As a bonus, Sally Shapiro wanted you to have the Tesla Boy remix of their song ‘Miracle’ as well, there’s nothing like chicks singing in french I tell you.

mp3 Miracle (Tesla Boy Remix) (320 kbps)

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