I remember Electric Youth from back when I started this blog. When the whole Valerie 80s wave was the big hype out there. Most of the acts from that time disappeared in some void of one hit wonders, except for Anoraak and Minitel Rose. Those two acts are still going strong, and having heard the collab of Grum and Electric Youth on the track ‘Turn It Up’ which is one of the strongest tracks on the album I’m really happy to see a new demo from these guys on the email!

mp3 Electric Youth – Right Back To You (Demo Mix) (320 kbps)

Grum – Turn It Up
by deathelectro

Fast paced electric disco from the lovin’ glory days of the 80s in ‘Right Back To You’ is just what I need to get that hype going again. Austin and Bronwyn that are Electric Youth just brought the love , and I hope these guys are here to stay. Following their every move and so should you! Befriend them on their myspace.

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