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Verkaufe Nagelneuen Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MK II Drumcomputer, Original verpackt. Wird auch nur verkauft da ich kurzfristig noch eine Jomox xBase 999 bekommen habe. Und die Machinedrum SPS-1 nicht mehr benötige. Ich habe das gute Stück noch nie benutzt und noch nichts mals ausgepackt eigentlich eine schade.  Deswegen biete ich diese hier nun an so das die Maschine auch geschätzt und benutzt wird.

Ihr bekommt eine Rechnung mit Voller Garantie dazu!

The Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII combines extremely flexible drum synthesis with powerful sequencer capabilities. It is equipped with four MD-synths, each with its own special sonic flavor. You will have no problem conjuring forth sub-sonic kicks, snappy snares or wild FX. The possibilities to create percussive sounds are near limitless.

To add further control over your beats, 16 freely assignable LFO’s are available. Be warned though, the Machinedrum can be seriously addicting and no rehab is currently available.

Sequencing is the middle name of the Machinedrum. Use the SPS-1 MKII to control both your internal sounds as well as your external MIDI equipment in great detail. It runs the show, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Use the two external inputs to sculpt incoming sounds with the Machinedrum effects and filters. The SPS-1 MKII is not only a great drum machine, but also an extremely potent effects unit!

Drum synthesis has never been this powerful!

* 16 Track Percussion Seq
* 64 Step Patterns
* 128 User Programs Patterns
* 32 User Program Songs
* Swing, Slide, Accent
* 16 x 24 Parameter locks
* 16 x Dual Waveform LFOs
* Full Realtime Control
* Full MIDI Support
* 384 x MIDI CTRL-change

* 16 x Amplitude Modulation
* 16 x 1-Band EQ
* 16 x Resonant 24db lp/bp/hp
* 16 x Sample Rate Reduction
* 16 x Distortion
* 1 x Rhythm Echo Delay
* 1 x Gatebox Reverb
* 1 x Hi/Lo-shelf + Param EQ
* 1 x Dynamix Processor

* 4 x MD Synthesizers
* 74 x Individual MD Machines
* 5 x Track Effects
* 4 x Stereo Master Effects
* 16 Part MD Synthesis
* 16 Part Track Effect System
* 64 User Programmable Kits

* Compact Hi-Q Design
* 128×64 Pixel Backlit LCD
* 3 x MIDI In/Out/Thru
* 6 x 1/4″ Audio Out
* 2 x 1/4″ Audio In
* 1 x 1/4″ Stereo Headphone Output
* Dual DSP System
* Flash-mem Technology
* Brushed Aluminum Top
* Steel Casing
* Dim: 340x176x68mm
* Weight: 2.8kg

TRX makes it possible to revive those old classic drum computers in an instant. The carefully chosen sound parameters are perfect for beaming the sounds of the past straight into the future.

EFM introduces our “Enhanced Feedback Modulation” algorithms. The generated sounds range from realistic acoustic drums to wild, chaotic effects.

E12 is built on processed sampled percussion sounds with individual control. This machine carries the legacy of those gritty, hard to find beatboxes

P-I simulates the behavior of acoustic drums. It doesn’t stop there though. This remarkable machine allows you to alter the laws of physics without breaking a sweat.


Each and every track of the Machinedrum has dedicated effects. Choose between a 1 band EQ, an amplitude modulator, a flexible resonant multi mode filter and distortion. Use them to add subtle nuances to a sound… Or to destroy it completely! The effect parameters can be controlled with the sequencer or with the LFO’s, making it possible to easily create ever-evolving rhythmic sounds.

The stereo master effects system is composed of the Rhythm echo delay, the Gate box reverb, the Dynamix dynamic processor and the Master EQ. These effects can affect all sound routed through the stereo output.



The sequencer is vital to the unique sound of the Machinedrum. The secret lies in the way it operates, offering complete control of the sound engine while at the same time being a creative tool in itself. All synthesis, track effect, routing and global effect parameters can be controlled using the sequencer. Of course, all parameter changes can be recorded in real time. With a few button-pushes and some encoder-tweaking a bland 4/4 loop can be turned into a rhythmical assault.

Ever felt that a complicated interface drains your creativity? Enter Machinedrum. Despite the depth of the sequencer, the Machinedrum is designed to be as user friendly as possible. Everything is close at hand and ready for action. There is no need to think twice.

Individual drums and patterns can be trigged externally. All track parameters can also be controlled externally using the over three hundred available CC commands. Of course, the Machinedrum can control external synthesizers as well. The MIDI sequencing capabilities are immense since it is possible to parameter lock CC messages. The Machinedrum will breathe new life into other equipment!