While the release date of the movie “ Tron Legacy „is fast approaching, the duo Daft Punk was never much talk about him.

The two most famous French world have composed the soundtrack to the film and are expected to make several appearances in what promises to be the sci-fi the most successful in terms of 3D.

A few days ago, the group Disney has announced via his blog that a new „world“ was opened in Disneyland in California. Named “ Electronica „, here billed as“ the best place to party „will open from October 8 and will remain so until the film’s release on December 17, the date of release of the film overseas .

This „world“ will contain a huge visual show, a club open air restaurants, a replica of the arcade “ Flynn „of film, live performances, laser shows, and“ the best music to upset forever the network (refer to Tron).

The duo will it now has “ Electronica „? That’s the question everyone asks, nothing official has been announced, but sources do not doubt and tell of several appearances.

With the release of the soundtrack presumed next November, the group could make its appearance during screenings of the film in the largest cities in the world for live sets surprise ! A live set is also expected for the first screening of the film in Hollywood.

But the biggest ad is not there! According to the Daily Swarm, newspaper spoke with Rob Light (representing Daft Punk Music and Head of the Creative Artists Agency), the group would prepare a world tour in the biggest stadiums in the world by 2011. Mr Light has further added „This will be the biggest tour next year.“

However according to sources from the same newspaper, the tour could start in summer 2011 at the earliest, while everything clicks into place.

(The article in the Daily Swar has been deleted. It remains accessible via Google cache).

Quelle: The Daily Swarm, DisneyParks Blog, und www.stopthenoise.fr