Our friends Blende are back in the spotlight once again with a new release that will blow you away unless if you are deaf. URH! is the name of the EP, and it’s released on Teenage Riot Records just like the last ones. After just hearing out the leadtrack, I couldn’t help to get this huge grin over how fun I’m going to have dropping this monster on future nights. Also included on the EP is a remix by Ocelot and a original mix of TMR.
After a little bit of talking with the guys, I got permission to share a low-quality copy of URH! so you just gotta buy it afterwards. Enjoy!

mp3 Blende – URH! (128 kbps premiere)

To help promote this release even more, Blende have also put together a new mixtape for you to enjoy. Got no tracklist for this one as for now, but I’ll update the post as soon as I see they have added one.
Blende September Mix by Teenage Riot Records

Now then, follow these simple steps: First, you buy the EP via Beatport (or iTunes if you prefer that for some wierd reason). Secondly, leave some love at Blende’s fanpage on facebook. Lastly… I’ve got no real last step, so I’ll just leave that blank so you can decide yourself what it is on your own.

Quelle und Track Download: http://deathelectro.com/blende/