Sorry folks, we have now two weeks in a row failed to deliver Dödselectro Mixtape Series #3. This week it’s my fault because of my communication-skills (it’s been quite a rough week ).
To compensate you readers, I made this mixtape last night since I, as always have problems with sleeping. It’s a mixed bag of fresh tunes with some classics along with some small surprises. The only thing I’m not satisfied with is that it overrided the usual 60min length… with 36 seconds. But oh well, I hope you can put a blind eye to that little detail and enjoy this mix. As a bonus, I’ll give you a pic of my new pimping moustache. Now what do you have to say about that slice of golden pie?

P.S. Look forward to next week when #3 drops, it’s a exclusive mix from one of my favourite producers (and probably yours to)! D.S.

Quelle Track Download und Playlist gibt es hier: