I love that so many always ask me when the new Dubfluence is going to drop. It goes to show that most who like the hard, face shrinking bass are exactly the same people who appreciate and love the organic and deeper sound of Dubstep just like we do. Ego Thieves will never divide a sound/genre. We don’t like to talk about what we like, instead we support what we like by sharing it with you. Shimple.

Here is Dubfluence 3, full of beautiful bass and just simply, amazing music all mixed by myself of course. Expect allot of mixes to drop over the next few weeks as we bring you our summer collections, exclusive mixes and a couple new faces to the team. Maybe even a new website…? Also Dubfluence is now all grown up and this artwork represents the first in a series of dedicated themes for each series. The artwork represents the depths and emotion of Dubstep, something more organic and natural (there is always a science behind what we do lol).

.:: Tracklist ::.
1. CMYK – James Blake
2. Slippin – XL
3.  J.Doe – Joy Orbison
4. Order – Even
5. Orpheus – Pariah
6. Love You To Live – Grace Jones (Mala Digital Mystikz Remix)
7. Came Into View – Duncan Powell
8. Klinik – Scuba
9. Mad Sax – Guideo
10. I Gave You Everything – Swarms Feat. Holly Prothman
11. Funk Injection – F
12. Delibel – Funckarma
13. I Need Love – Roska Feat. Anesha
14. She – NumberNin6
15. Darkness – Undaground Soundz Feat. That Man Fox
16. SOS – Daega Sound System
17. Erstwhile Rhythm – Pevererlist
18. Wounder – Burial

Download und Quelle: www.egothieves.com