release a Live Pack with Bass, Tenor and Soprano saxes has a new Ableton Live Pack, Sax Appeal, with Three Saxophones, multisampled and velocity layered.Here’s what they have to say about it…

The instruments were recorded with different microphone positions. So the sound of your saxophones can be altered steplessly according to the needs of your arrangement.

  • Bass Sax: Keilwerth SX 90
  • Tenor Sax: Selmer Super Action 80 Serie II
  • Soprano Sax: Yamaha YSS 675


  • Format: Ableton Live Pack
  • Instruments: 3
  • No. of Samples: 338, (24 Bit/44 khz)
  • Disk space needed: approx. 370 MB

Pricing and Availability:

Subscriber Download: € 4.98
Instant Download: € 6.98

More information: