In quest for the best tenorion clone we have new candidate this time serious one

Also coming for iphone and ipad.

some specs:

  • Create up to 32 patterns with seamless transitions.
  • Up to 14 layers (instruments) per pattern can be used.
  • Song creation of up to 199 patterns.
  • Choose between Basic and Advanced modes.
  • Many popular musical scales available.
  • Interchangeable instruments (drum kits, synthesizers and samplers).
  • Layer Automation, allows real-time manipulation of program parameters,
  • XY Mode allows smooth transitions between instruments, panning and effects etc.
  • Atomizer mode allows real-time splicing and looping of audio.
  • Full instrument editing and user patch creation.
  • Real time key and tempo changes.
  • Sample your own instruments using the internal microphone.
  • Import samples to create new sampler and drum kits patches.
  • Full sample loop editing.
  • Add effects such as echo, reverb, phaser and filters etc.
  • Transpose song and pattern function.
  • Full Cut, Copy and Paste of patterns and layers.
  • Fully integrated help and Guided Tour feature.
  • Record to file functionality for exporting your masterpiece.
  • Integrated 14 channel Mixer.
  • Each layer can have different note lengths (from whole to 1/64th notes).
  • Definable visual layer effects.
  • Sample Accurate Timing.
  • Fully configurable audio settings.