Let me introduce to you… no, not a brand new dance (thank you for a stupid earworm, Chemical Brothers), but a multi-talent you shouldnt’t let slip under your radar  – all eyes on Mike Stone. Not only did he spend endless hours working on .css stylesheets to turn an ugly duckling into the new Disco Demons site, Mike is also a more than capable DJ and producer. While changing tiniest details back and forth until I finally liked it, he once mentioned a bootleg remix of a Jaguar Love track he was working on – a few minutes later, there was this huge, nasty bass monster rattling on its chains in my mailbox. In the meantime, it was officially released on Rot10 Records, so I’ll just post up a preview to stream the track – head over to Juno Download to buy the full release, if you like it (if you don’t: go home). However, as we all love free music downloads, here’s a little something something for you all to bang your heads to: SebastiAn’s Threnody versus The Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic.

Quelle: www.discodemons.net