YouTube Video von housedunny

„Tonight’s the Night“ is a single off DJ Sneak’s recent album House of House.
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Concept A day in the life of the larger than life caricature of DJ Sneak as he breaks free from the confines of 2 dimensions and makes his way through the city, in preparation for the big night.

Based in Vancouver BC, VividusFX is a digital art collective that produces various still, motion and interactive art services. They deliver visual effects (VFX), CG animation, title sequences, motion graphics, compositing,
and more to their clients in TV, film, advertising, real estate, aviation and various other industries.

Video Credits
Director – Geoff Hunt
Videographer Kevin Hagell | Kaizen Visuals
Character Modeling Ian Brink
Rigging and Animation Geoff Hunt
Match Move/Compositing/Editing Geoff Hunt