iPhone OS 4 beta

YouTube Video von mori3335

iPhone OS 4.0 beta – pierwsze wrażenia z użytkowania | iPhone OS 4 beta – a quick look at some of the new functions

OS 4.0 coming this summer

Lots of new things coming to the iPhone OS. 100 new user features and a developer preview from today.

OS 4.0 Includes Multitasking!

OS 4.0 Folders!

This is a good start … in fact, it looks like just what I wanted

That’s better …

iPhone 3G = no multi-tasking!

So, no multi-tasking for the 3G users or 2nd Gen Touch users. Nice! Upgrade then I guess, or get left behind …

Musique Non Talent on OS4

Some good thoughts, keyboards sound nice, shame about support for 3G! Read the rest here.

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