Bringing 20 of the world’s most dynamic music blogs under one convenient roof, Strangers In Stereo (SiS) aims to eliminate the daily dilemma faced by every music fan — “What should I listen to?”. The answer is simple, SiS.

Launching on March 15th, 2010, our network draws from a wide range of geographies, genres and demographics. With writers scattered across the globe in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Bahrain, London and Stockholm, SiS takes cultural diversity to a new level. Aggregating select posts every week from each of the affiliated blogs, the network will cover new releases, live shows, news and more, through innovative and exclusive features. As bloggers, we’re close to the music and Strangers in Stereo offers a unique enterprise with which to push the boundaries, shaping independent music as we know it.

As blogs become a more accepted form of musical promotion and opinion, the challenge to make a difference as an individual grows. Strangers In Stereo allows blogs a chance to be a part of something bigger. Each month the network reaches a combined audience of 2 million unique users, ensuring a built in audience of music fanatics.

We’re working with Chicago-based digital lifestyle agency Mess Marketing to provide a professional product; Mess’ past clients have included Microsoft, Burger King and Red Bull.

The future will see SiS branch into new areas, promoting independent music, putting on events across the globe (such as a showcase at SXSW festival) and much, much more. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Don’t be a Stranger…

The Strangers:

Cream Team (Chicago, IL)
Disco Demons (Vienna, Austria)
Discopunk (Curitiba, Brazil)
First Up (Stockholm, Sweden)
Forward Music (Munich, Germany)
Hard Candy Music (New York, NY)
Muumuse (Boston, MA)
Ohh! Crapp (Bahrain)
Pigeons And Planes (New York, NY)
Pretty Much Amazing (L.A., CA)
Sheena Beaston (New York, NY)
Stoney Roads (Sydney, Australia)
Tastes Like Caramel (New York, NY)
The Culture Of Me (New York, NY)
The Music Ninja (Orlando, FL)
The (New York, NY)
Too Many Sebastians (London, UK)
Tympanogram (Rochester, NY)
Vinyl & Vodka (Edmonton, Canada)
Yours Truly (San Francisco, CA)