YouTube Video von kenzie2029

If you want to skip the explanation and hear what it does, skip to around 4 min.

This is the Casio RZ-1 Plus version. This is Casio stock version of this type of mod:…
The kits are acoustic, electric and Latin. The number one best feature about Casio version is that its has four banks of sample memory giving you the ability of sampling 16 sounds.

The bends and mods to this drum are similar to this one:…
I painted this one white, redid the text, added wood panels, and upgraded the materials used.

Has a 30 point RCA patch bay that short circuits three of the eprom chips for a total of around 480 possible patches (if I did my math right). You can patch with in the chips and chip to chip. In addition to the patch bay there are five input / output on/off switch section with toggle switches and momentary buttons. Each toggle switch also has an LED indicator.

I also added a switch to bypass the RZ-1s main timing crystals with two getlofi 1799 precision oscillators to allow for some great pitch control. These also have LED indicators.

I’ve added 10k pots on the top to easier access the samples tone control. Also, I replaced the internal permanent soldered battery with a replaceable one.

Drums in the song you here are also the RZ -1

Also, tucked deep in the lab is a Commodore 64 that I’m working on.