YouTube Video RothHandle

Yesterday was a reunion of sorts as Claes Eliasson came back to Studio and helped me out to record some fresh overdubs for the new Necromonkey album. The song we worked on is called Tuesday as it was recorded on a Wednesday.

This film was recorded at Roth Händle studos in Stockholm, Sweden. This is where I spend my days recording and producing artists…The studio started in my apartment and evolved slowly from there. This is the forth location of the studio. The first one obviously was at home…the second and third was at a abandoned shipyard outside of Stockholm. The studio works more or less in two ways either the artists come here to the studio or people send files that I work with…If you are curious to find out more about the studio please visit for more info, blogs and odd facts. Oh yes and now I am on facebook too with a dedicated roth händle site…I dont know how to link to it but you people are all so internet smart so you can find…if you want to.

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