Another top 10 from Jonathan

Here’s the apps I currently use for real-time alteration of live music sounds.

Effector Lite.
Nice sounding, multiple effects and free!
Effector Lite

Nice set of effects including auto-wah (although it could do with better reverb)
RiotFX - Guitar Multi Effects
I haven’t even got around to covering this as yet, but I will soon.

Very nice echo unit

Great tuner and basic effects unit.
PRS Jam Amp

Good range of sound options but could do with a few more effects.

Works very well with an instrument as an input (not so well using just your voice).
Voice Band

Jasuto Pro
Great for experimenting with.
Plenty of options to change the sound of an input although there is a bit of a time lag involved.
Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer

Can be used to get some weird sound effects from a live instrument.
OttO - The Amazing Live Voice Reversal  and FX Gizmo

SfS Synth
This is limited but gives a strange slightly lagged background synth accompaniment to a live performance.
Sound from Sound Synthesizer

I know its designed for silly voice tricks but I found it can also be used as an interesting music effects unit (particularly the first setting).
Sonic Vox

Thanks for these Jonathan. I hadn’t thought of doing themed top 10 lists, but if anyone else wants their themed list or their current top 10 just email.