via Peter of Buzzclick

„I received a request for a site correction to my buzzclick-music space from someone I consider to be a very creditable source – Lynx Crow:

‚Hi Peter,

It’s been a very long time since I last saw you – a couple of decades, anyway. In case you don’t remember me, I was the programmer for Buchla & Associates, and wrote the software for most of Don’s instruments for about 30 years.

I ran across your site, and noticed you have a picture of the Buchla 500 at Cal Arts. ( There’s a correction you should make to the accompanying text.

The computer we used on the Cal Arts instrument wasn’t the Interdata 7/16, it was the Computer Automation PDC-216. I can see the edges of the PDC-216, and the Randall dual cassette tape drive in the photo.

We used the Interdata Model 74 on later instruments. That’s is the one that’s in the picture on Don’s site.

It’s nice to see that a picture of the first Buchla 500 still exists.

Best of luck in your musical endeavors. Who knows – perhaps we’ll meet again.


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