Those of you who have been following my blog for some time might know that Vitalic is my absolute favorite musician in the landscape of electronic music, so I’m more than pleased to present the music video for his track Second Lives, taken from his last studio album Flashmob. Vitalic’s awesomess is not only reflected in his music, but also in the videos that come with it: While the video for See The Sea is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve seen lately, the video for Poison Lips is 3 minutes 52 seconds of pure sex. His latest opus is directy by Julien Henry, who (inspired by the famous Toilet Cam poster) manages to surprise by giving secret insights in the life of an office bathroom. Sheena Beaston was blogging this earlier today, but now that I received the official press release, I decided to give it a mention as well.