via The Bob Moog Foundation
„As you all know by now, one of our three projects is preserving and protecting Bob’s extensive archives. The archives are full of various mediums, but today we focus on letters and schematics that have given way to an exciting discovery about a little known instrument that Bob worked on in 1966.

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We recently uncovered a stack of letters, notes and schematics describing Bob’s work on a version of a Mixture-Trantonium, which he and the musician-collaborator Max Brand deemed the „Moogtonium“. You can read much more about this fascinating instrument in a blog post written by Michelle Moog-Koussa, Brian Kehew and Clemens Hausch.

You can hear the sounds of this instrument on the newly release album „Kabelbrand: Sounds from the Max Brand Synthesizer“, with compositions by musicians devoted to Brand’s musical legacy and by Max Brand himself. We are offering this CD as a gift with a $30 donation to the Bob Moog Foundation. Get your copy today.“

You might remember the Max Brand synthesizer from this post and this event featuring the system back in November of 2009. Also see this performance by Oskar Sala on the original Trautonium. As always, you can find additional posts via the labels below. Do not miss the full Bob Moog Foundation article on the Moogtonium.