YouTube Video von rtermini

Termini wrote Clockwork during 1975 and 1976. In 1976 termini got a couple a two three friends together and they recorded it at a proper 2 inch 16 track recording studio in the big city. Daniel Paolillo did a masterful job on Bass, playing a huge custom built Bass and Guitar Double Neck. Marty Steinberg, pal since Junior High was the perfect Drummer. Termini plays Mellotron, Hammond B3, Minimoog and Acoustic piano on this work. Vicki Zollo appears on voice just at the end of this truncated version.
At the time of this recording Termini was 20, Marty and Dan and Vicki all were 19 years old.
Audio was captured by sound engineer William Wittman, AKA Weedy Wet. All the folks involved can be seen in this video. Can you spot them all? Cheers RT

© termini 1976