YouTube Video von s0LVentCIty

Doepfer Regelwerk + MAM ADX-1 + x0xb0x + Roland SH-101 + Moogerfooger MF-101

This Doepfer Regelwerk is currently being auctioned by me on Ebay, ending March 8 2010:

I created this video mainly to demonstrate this Regelwerk for my auction, but hopefully it will serve a purpose as a demonstration of the Regelwerk’s sequencer mode, since there really aren’t any good demos of this sequencer available on YouTube.

Just a brief description of how the Regelwerk works in sequencer mode:
– Sequencer uses sliders/buttons #9-24
– 8 tracks, max length 16 steps (Step on/off + Pitch + Velocity)
– Lower buttons 9-15 = Track edit select
– Lower buttons 16-24 = Track on/off (mute/unmute)
– Upper buttons 9-24 = Step on/off
– Step on/off + Pitch transmitted via corresponding CV/Gate channel outputs
– Step on/off + Pitch + Velocity transmitted via Midi Out 1 (midi channel can be set per track)

In this video:

– Midi-output-1 goes to MAM ADX-1
– Track 1 = ADX kick
– Track 2 = ADX snare
– Track 3 = ADX „synth“ (lazer type sound)
– Track 4 = Closed HH
– Track 5 = Open HH

– Midi-output-2 sends midi clock to x0xb0x
– x0xb0x audio out into Moogerfooger MF-101
– Track 8 = CV-8 into MF-101 Filter-CV-In

– Track 6 = CV/Gate-6 into SH-101 CV/Gate-In
– Track 7 = CV-7 into SH-101 VCF-CV-In (an SH-101 mod)

Regarding the SH-101 sequence in the latter part of this demo… I realize it’s not the greatest, but I wanted to demonstrate creating on-the-fly sequences with the Regelwerk.

– DIN sync output to TR-808 (seen under the MAM & x0x, but not being used in the mix)