German electro wizzard Fukkk Offf emerges from the secret depths of his studio to the roaring surface of the electro scene once again: His latest release Remix is King (which is kind of an insider joke if you know his former releases) is a compilation of Fukkk Offf remixing other artists, other artists being remixed by Fukkk Offf and even one unreleased original track titled Utopia.

Having always been a big fan of Fukkk Offf’s music, I’d love to share the whole promo release I received (which would not make me Coco Machete’s favorite, I guess). Instead, I picked the Gooseflesh (Turkish electro duo to keep an eye on) remix to showcase the project’s quality – and give you reasons enough to buy the whole release on Beatport.

Fukkk Offf – Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (Gooseflesh Remix)