Made these just before I sold my Korg ER-1. They aren’t properly cut up, unfortunately, but it isn’t like it isn’t hard to slice them down to size. This is just a bunch of sounds I synthesized to try to cover all of the possibilities that this machine had to offer.
Did these up last night using the MFB Kraftzwerg to synthesize drums and such from scratch. I did cut out the silences on these and normalized, however it should be noted that on a couple of these I ran the input on the MPC just a teensy bit too hot, so a couple of the samples distort a tiny bit (though it’s actually a nice effect on the kicks.)
MFB 522. There’s not much here as I was sampling these so that I could experiment with different processing methods, but this is a nice little simple drum kit here.
These are all of the drum sounds from the Roland MC-09. There’s a few repeats in here because the kits are made up from a small pool of samples and I was just flying through getting all of the kits sampled. I don’t think I’ve chopped these up either.
Inspired by Wave Alchemy’s collection, here’s a small selection of Future Retro XS drums. Not nearly as varied as the Wave Alchemy set, but still a good demonstration for myself as to the capabilities of this unit.
This is all of the preset sounds and a couple of sounds I built of my own for the Jomox MBase01.
Complete collection of all of the drum sounds on the Boss DR-550mkii. (A lot of the sample sets floating around on the interwebs don’t have all of the sounds in them.)
And this is just a quick little goof-off thing with my Dot Com system doing a couple of basic drum sounds.