YouTube Video von RanKirlian
„This one is a raw track I prepared for 1 hour or so on a sunday evening while I was tweaking the Polymorph. First string pad is from Quasimidi Polymorph, played via midi from the Access Indigo 2, who also starts sounding on 00:43. Then, on minute 1:29 enters the first sequence, bass sequence comes at 2:09 and shortly after appears the last sequence.

While this is not a very elaborated track, I wanted to share it mostly as a Polymorph demo, a great sounding machine and a great fun sequencer.“

Indigo Redback & Polymorph – Sequence Jam II

„Another jam with Access Indigo 2 Redback and Quasimidi Polymorph. The pad and the strings comes from both Redback and a part of the Polymorph. Sequences starts at 1:50.

Same of previous video: not a very elaborated track, but another Polymorph demo, who fits pretty nice on my setup and looks great next to the Redback.“