YouTube Video von sitonka

(tb303 sh101 korg MS20 tr909 tr808 ABLETON)

A kind of interpretation of the Daft Punk Classic Da Funk on our studio setup consisting of some old analogue gear. Had such a laugh doing it that had to youtube it for the memory. Once you switch off the synths, you never really get the same sound back again! Recorded on a crappy phone cam, but you get the idea ok.
Thanks to corri303 who did this amazing piece if work to get the tb303 line. Anyone who has a 303 will tell you they are a pain to program. I had spent hours trying to get that pattern right and corri303 had it posted on his youtube video!

Once I had the tb303 sorted the rest was kind of simple. The jupiter and sh101 are doing the the big one. And the MS20 is doing the main lead synth part. The drums are a mixture of ableton and tr909/808. The sequence does not follow the original very closely. We all love the 303 part we had to bring it in early, and keep it going to long!