Custom Moded Moog Prodigy test from K4d4w3r on Vimeo.

So, this one recorded yesterday. A small test of custom moded Moog Prodigy analog synthesizer playing Kraftwerk cover. Note that background beat and bass were also created using this machine. All in all, the range of sounds that this little synth can now produce is quite enormous.
The list of mods:
1. Re-cased
2. PW & PWM for osc’s
3. FM input for each osc independently.
4. Different ranges for LFO. From ultra low to audio range.
5. All waves for the OSC’s and LFO are available independently.
6. Envelopes outs are available.
7. Drone mode, gate mode and AM input for VCA.
8. Internal 2 channel Midi2CV converter.
9. 2 inverters added.
10. 3 audio and 2 FM inputs for VCF.
11. Glide and filter tracking saved.
12. Independent release switches for Envelopes.

If i remember correctly that’s all,but may be more.
All connections now on bananas.

Note this one is for sale now. So if anyone is interested email me at: k4d4w3r(at)
I don’t know the price so propositions are welcome 🙂