YouTube Video von TheSynthFreq

Hi! This is an experimental composition written by TSF and MsM6. My sister Crystal (MsM6) is jammin‘ out on the Dulcimer. It is an 11/12 hammered Dulcimer. I am playing the Roland D-50 and the Alpha Juno-1 bass patch. The Korg EMX-1 is running a preset drum pattern that has been edited. This pattern was written by Korg.
This was a fun, experimental composition. Just improvised like always. My sister told me that she would not play the dulcimer for the video unless I played something in the background, so I just made up something, its a little out of tune as the dulcimer is very sensitive to weather. Hopefully this mixture of electro and a dulcimer aren’t too „out-there“! LOL
Please enjoy!