Volta Cab comes from Mother Russia and brings us into the neon future. Into the times where space rockets are the most widespread type of transport. Into the times where teachers at your childs‘ school are martians and chief-cooks of your favourite restaraunt are from Mercury. Into the times when the war is over and everyone in the universe loves each other.“

Sometimes I happen to stumble upon an artist and immediately know to keep an eye on his work. Volta Cab is one of my best recent discoveries, his music is so amazingly beautiful, I just can’t stop listening. He sent over three tracks, but I couldn’t decide upon a favorite so I had to post up all three of them: While Clarissa is a sweepy disco track featuring a smooth bassline and Air-ish vocoders, We Are Marsians has 1980 written all over it – Kavinsky himself couldn’t have done better. Stay With You, more techno and more pop at the same time, proves how versatile Volta Cab really is. I hope there’s plenty more where this comes from!
Quelle: http://discodemons.blogspot.com