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„One of my favourite circuit Bent synthesizers, the very rare AMSTRAD CKX100 chaos Glitch Synth….

Fist part of the vid focusing on drums and GLITCH / CHAOS.

Second part is Punk LFO, Pitch modulation and photo-clit / optical theramin.

Final part shows the excellent new CHORD and INSTRUMENT sounds.

Built in the late 80’s, AMSTRAD were famous for crap hi-fis and even crapper computers. This machine however is a real gem….. Lush chord + warm, sweet pleasing tones.

It’s a digital ‚wavetable‘ synth with grainy (but nice) lo-fi drums and some cool features such as midi out, play and record sequencer, Auto Harmony and ‚playright‘ function which re-arranges the keyboard scale according to which chord is being played (just like an Omnichord).

Loads of chaotic glitching, an instant soft reset button, sweet and stable glitches to alter the tone and shape of the instrument and chord, Glitch arpeggiator, LFO with 4 possible destinations and loads of pitch modulation thanks to precision oscillator (from GETLOFI).

Damn, I love this machine………….:-)) “

Glitch Chaos from a circuit bent AMSTRAD CKX100

„A chaotic bit of dirty glitch madness from one of my favorite circuit bent synthesizers….. AMSTRAD CKX100“