The Prodigy – Breathe (The Glitch Mob Remix) – Out Now

Our remix of The Prodigy’s „Breathe“ is out now on the „Added Fat EP“, accompanying the 15th anniversary Expanded Edition re-issue of „The Fat Of The Land“. It goes without saying that we are proud to be included on this project – The Prodigy are legends, and one of our all-time favorite acts. Download: iTunes / Amazon / Beatport / Juno / Boomkat CD:  XL Store / Amazon / Juno Quelle: Tweet

Feel Good by Mackai

Leading with a groovy, funk-inspired guitar twang, Mackai’s „Feel Good“ is an aptly named track with an incredibly uplifting vibe and an absolutely spectacular sense of aesthetic appeal. A light, instrumental bounce with a crunchy, glitched-out vibe is enough to get any party started, and Mackai’s extraordinary ear for overt musicality makes for a vibrant addition to the arsenal of any electronic music producer. „Feel Good“ really does make anyone who hears it feel as if everything in their life is just peachy, and that is a very hard thing to achieve with sound alone! —————————————————————————————————– Follow Mackai: SC: Mackai […]

The Prodigy’s ‚Fat of The Land‘ gets the remix treatment!

XL Recordings has just announced they are going to do a run of vinyl reissues and among them is an expanded re-release of The Prodigy’s HUGE 1997 album The Fat of the Land. Due for release on December 4th, the reissue will be repressed for its 15th anniversary as a double LP, deluxe double CD and deluxe digital package. The best news is that both of the deluxe versions (both CD and digital) will come with remixes from Noisia, Alvin Risk, Zeds Dead, Major Lazer, Baauer and the Glitch Mob. The first four of these will also be issued as a 12-inch vinyl EP […]

The Glitch Mob – Red Rocks 2011 GoPro Video

Here’s the video we shot with GoPro of our Red Rocks 2011 show, starring us, a whole bunch of you, and the legendary surroundings of Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre. And below the video is a free download of „We Can Make The World Stop“ (featured in the video) for those who missed its release last year. Thanks to everyone who has sent us messages in anticipation of our next release – we’ve got some new music coming soon including a remix for one of our musical heroes and our second album, both in the pipeline… Quelle: Tweet

Rerezzed: Legacy – The Glitch Mob / Daft Punk Derezzed Remix Music Video

Title: Rerezzed: Legacy Audio: Daft Punk – Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix) Credit Audio: The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days Footage: Tron: Legacy/Evolution/Uprising/Concept VFX Test The Glitch Mob, Daft Punk, and Tron Music video? Yes, it’s real and its ready!! Well with the success of the previous Tron project, and The Glitch Mob getting the very first remix track on the new R3CONFIGUR3D Tron Soundtrack, We felt it was time to blow your ears and eyes away one more time. So we bring you Rerezzed: Legacy!! My tribute to The Glitch Mob’s translation of popular daft punk song Derezzed. This […]

The Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop (Disco Demons Edit)

I have always loved this song but found it hard to play it out in the clubs due to its tempo – so here’s an edit of it for you all to hammer out in your DJ sets! I’ve pushed the tempo a bit, rearranged parts of the original to create more build-ups, added extra drums and fx, a new bassline plus a completely new synth hookline, and generally fattened it up a bit for the club. Hope you like it, constructive feedback much appreciated! MASTERED by The Teenage Mutants THANKS to Cedric aka Big_C for honest feedback Tweet

The Glitch Mob – Drink The Sea | LP

The debut CD of California The Glitch Mob was released on May 25, 2010. If you do not already know, a Libération article pretty much sums up their debut an excerpt: The band name was born as a big joke supposed to laugh at the name stuck by the press last variation electro coming from the west coast of the United States: glitch-hop. The Glitch Mob but soon found the standard bearer of this music and the name stuck. […] THE GLITCH MOB : BEYOND MONDAY from BEMO | Brandon Hirzel on Vimeo. mehr Infos Downloads und mehr gibt es […]