Free Synth Bass Saturday Moog

Free synth bass Saturday! Just add water! Ok maybe not water, but here are 8 synth bass grooves just waiting for you to add drums, melodies, other parts, etc. Give them a shot, you might find they’ll fit into your mix nicely. Or build up something brand new around them! If you make something cool with it, share it with me if possible. No rights reserved on these samples. The number in the track title indicates the BPM.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD the WAV files to use them properly! The Soundcloud player might garbage-ize the sound. Quelle: Tweet

Free Samples: Allerlei Drum Machine Samples von Goldbaby

Goldbaby aus Neuseeland nennt einen stattlichen Gerätepark sein eigen und veröffentlicht regelmäßig neue Samples von klassischen Drum Machines und Synthesizern, oft mit Bandmaschinen aufgezeichnet. Aber auch die Freeware-Ecke mit Samples, Impulsantworten und MIDI-Templates von teils exotischen Gadgets ist einen Blick wert. Free Samples: Allerlei Drum Machine Samples von Goldbaby Die Samples liegen als WAV, REX oder Refill vor und sind im Paket zwischen 1,75 und 25 Megabyte groß. Die Qualität der Samples schwankt zwischen 16 und 24 Bit. Neben den Samples bietet Goldbaby auch einige Impulsantworten (Altiverb Tectile, MS20 filter clone, MPC60 und Vinyl Click) und MIDI-Dateien für Groove Templates […]

Moog Slim Phatty – Rack of Moog Little Phatty

As posted prviously, here’s a real image, looks like Moog racked the Little Phatty as well – good Idea – don’t mention the name is !”$%, but this may be the Volksmoog™ for everybody. MIDI and USB – and standard analog synth CV’s – this looks a lot like a stage synth. 700€. app. Update: Moog put up a site now, so it’s official. $850 – to me it looks like a very nice moog product that looks like it could be a very interesting addition to todays musicians world. Quelle: Tweet

New Moog Slim Phatty Announced

And Here’s What It Sounds Like Moog Music has introduced a new analog synthesizer, the „fun as hell“ Slim Phatty. Here’s what Moog has to say about the Slim Phatty: Real Moog sound now fits your back pack and your budget. The Slim Phatty’s 100% analog signal path, intuitive user interface, rugged construction and rich MIDI, USB and Control Voltage functionality make it a must-have for producers, touring musicians and DJs. At just 17” wide, it goes where no other Moog has gone before. Earth-shaking basses, scorching leads and more are now housed in a high-quality instrument ideal for laptop […]

Moog Press Release for Filatron

„MOOG MUSIC ANNOUNCES FILTATRON APP FOR IPHONE AND IPOD TOUCH Real-Time Audio Filter and Effects Engine Brings Signature Moog Sound to Mobile Devices for the First Time ASHEVILLE, NC – October 12, 2010 – Moog Music today announced Filtatron, a real-time audio effects engine and powerful studio tool coming soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The heart of the Filtatron is a finely-modeled Moog Ladder Filter, the same filter that gives Moog instruments their warm, thick character. It musically shapes the sounds supplied by the filtatron’s on-board oscillator, sampler and line/microphone input. Filtatron is much more than your average […]

Gerücht: Moog SlimPhatty – Ein neuer Synthesizer?

Nein, es ist nicht Musikmesse. Aber es gibt trotzdem ein Gerücht, nämlich das um den neuen Synthesizer Moog SlimPhatty. Eigentlich ist es schon mehr als ein Gerücht, ein offenes Geheimnis – denn der Name ist wohl schon als Marke reserviert. Moog SlimPhatty: Diät-Synthesizer? Mit dem Moog Voyager XL gab es seinerzeit auch eine ähnliche Episode, wie sie sich jetzt mit dem Moog SlimPhatty zu wiederholen scheint. Soweit bisher bekannt, wird der neue Synthesizer tatsächlich einen Namen erhalten, der etwas von Diät-Cola hat. Der Synth wird wohl etwas kleiner ausfallen und dabei dennoch komplett analog daherkommen. Soweit bisher in einschlägigen Foren […]

Keyboard: The Minimoog at 40, and How A Legend Emerged from Spare Parts Bins

Minimoog, photo (CC-BY) Ricardo Hurtubia. The Moog Minimoog has turned 40 years old. I got to write the cover story for this month’s Keyboard Magazine, following the history of the keyboard. I chronicled the details of the original Minimoog’s evolution largely through the accounts of Bill Hemsath, the man who built the first prototype of a synth imagined and developed by Hemsath, Bob Moog, Jim Scott, and Chad Hunt. Whatever you make – music, hardware, software – the tale of the Minimoog’s birth through accident is especially compelling. Through Hemsath’s eyes, I revisited that genesis for Keyboard. The future of […]

Moog Music Make Filtatron, an iPhone Filtering, Effects, and Sampling App

The Moog app sits on my iPod touch, next to its analog predecessor Moogerfooger. Yeah, okay, I still like the knobs better, but it is fun, and the Moogerfooger doesn’t fit in my pocket unless I wear really silly-looking overalls. Moog Music, they of the normally analog-only gear, have built their first iOS application. We’ve acquired exclusive details of the innards of the app, and I’ve been testing it today on my (second-generation) iPod touch. Blasphemy? Perhaps, but it’s a nicely-designed little application, and with audio input capability, could turn your Apple handheld into a tiny recording and effects-processing unit […]

Moog Voyager: Low Oscillator Volume + FX

Moog Voyager: Low Oscillator Volume + FX from Calvin Cardioid on Vimeo.​dnyXG2 From CL516 BLOG: A simple video just to hear the sounds, headphones ON! With all the recent talk about the upcoming Moog Voyager XL, I thought I’d take the Voyager out for a spin. Everything played here exited the Voyager’s left mono output only, making use of the dual filters and spacing knob. For another Moog Voyager video, please visit: ​12410737​ dnyXG2 Thickening Up the Moog Voyager Thickening Up the Moog Voyager from Calvin Cardioid on Vimeo.​9grthM FROM CL516 BLOG. For another Moog Voyager […]