Dubstep.NET June 2012 mixed by NAZA

01.Bomber by NiT GriT – Dubstep.NET Exclusive 02.Feeling Lethal by Grabbitz 03.Friend No More by Team Brooklyn ft. Chihiro 04.Closed Eyes VIP by Jordigan & WeSpeakProse 05.Party Over Here by Cakanir 06.After the Goldrush by Init (KhemehK Remix) 07.17 by The Cataracs, Fork’n’Knife & DJ Carnage 08.Etude Pour Deux by Vexare 09.Don’t Stop by Dream 10.Be Mine by Minesweepa 11.Bounty Hunta by Spag Heddy – Dubstep.NET Exclusive 12.Bring The Light by Cyntel 13.Sun Goes Down by Nishin Verdiano & ak9 (Phrenik Remix) 14.If You Like It by DJ White Shadow (KDrew Remix) 15.Freaky Voice by Arjaay 16.Daedra Heart by Traxione 17.Apocalypse by Dead Suspect 18.Deeply […]

Chicken & Vodka 02 – Mixed By DJ Drama

November. For man its wet, soggy, windy and the real start of what is to be a very cold winter (well for us in the UK anyway!). These short days and long nights certainly take its toll. So what better way to give your day a huge kick up the arse than to download and grab one of our mixes! Brand new and literally hot off the shelf is the second installment by none other than Ego Thieves, DJ Drama. For those who have still decided to stray away from the more filthier side of Dubstep and prefer the sublow, organic sound, this is […]

Dubfluencial 10 – Mixed By The Ego Thieves

Dubfluencial 10 aka Enter The Dub has landed. Its been a fair few months since the last one and nothings changed. Mixed by the Ego Thieves (Jenai & Drama), expect lots of hard, soulful and some of the dirtiest bass around. Dubstep has gained huge popularity which is making it more appealing to new producers. Lots im afraid are not making the cut. We love our midrange sound, but we also love quality control. Here is our pick of what sound we love, a whole variety of it. Huge exclusives from the likes of Borgore, Funtcase, Stinkahbell, Roksonix, J.Rabbit and more, this is a […]

POP! Dub 5 – Mixed By Jenai

Im always shocked to find out how popular our Pop Dub series is. SO many of appreciate and love the combined sounds of tracks you know with a Dubstep twist. Things are really elevating for this sound too. From Katy B and Magnetic Man putting out huge original vocal tracks to Rusko rumoured to be working on tracks for Britney Spears. Let alone not forgetting our resident Dubstep superstar Borgore (love him or hate him!) who is pushing the sound of Dubstep/Gorestep to a massive audience. It seems the more vocal and Pop sound to Dubstep is growing ever strong. […]

Dirrrtee Ego – Mixed By Jenai

Dirrrtee Ego is a collaboration between Ego Thieves and clothing label Dirrrtee.com. A musical journey, highlighting some of the best tracks of the year all mixed by myself. This was given away free at various events around london (Such as The Reset etc) but was never relased for public download on Ego Thieves…until now. 35 tracks from House to Garage, this is truly a non stop party mix. Now as if free downloads and ten brand new mixes isn’t enough? Inside this download is an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT code to be used on Dirrrtee.com. Vaild for a month today, you can grab a huge 30% off […]

Electzilla Episode 5 – Mixed By Hatchet

Electro Electro Electro! Its been a minuet since we released an Electzilla mix. Many of you have emailed and asked whats going on and have we stopped the series etc. Well we nearly did as we just seem to find the right DJ for it. We searched around and it seemed many just didn’t fit the bill. Then one day I get sent a random mix by a DJ on Soundcloud. Downloaded it, listened to it, loved it. So I introduce you to Ego Thieves resident Electro DJ, Hatchet. Not only is Hatchet one of the baddest Electro DJs around, […]

Chicken & Vodka 01 – Mixed By DJ Drama

One half of the Dubstep Duo that is Ego Thieves DJ Drama, is back. While creating the new website and all the new juicy mixes, me and Drama are having our usual love fest on Skype trying to think of a new name for a mini Dubstep mix series. We come up with a host of names that just didn’t work. So I ask Drama what are you doing right now? He replies ‘Eating Chicken & Drinking Vodka’. So BLAM! A new mix series is born. Taking you a deeper sound of Dubstep, showcasing yet again the many faces Dubstep has and […]