USB MIDI on the iPad

MooCowMusic | 1. November 2010 A demonstration of using the Pianist Pro with the Apple Camera Connection Kit as a USB MIDI interface. Plug in a MIDI sound module and control it from your iPad. Alternatively plug in a MIDI keyboard and use Pianist Pro as a simple MIDI recording studio. Coming soon in Pianist Pro V1.8. Note that although the iPad will not recognise unpowered USB devices, bus-powered keyboards can be used with a dual-input USB cable and a powered USB hub. Tweet

mR-606 Roland TR-606 Clone for iPhone and iPad

„Inspired by classic drum synths of yesteryear, the mobileRhythm mR-606 is a classic in its own right. A fully featured, yet easy to use interface allows editing of all controls and patterns, and 2 banks of 16 patterns gives you plenty of space to store your creations. Features: -Universal app for iPhone and IPad. -All new sound engine for rock solid timing. -Hi-Hats now choke. -set tempo -individual level controls for each drum sound -easily switch between patterns to create whole rhythm tracks -edit scale and last step for fine detail and crazy effects All controls on the interface work […]

Logic Adds Official Support for Wireless iPhone, iPad Touch Control via TouchOSC

If you’ve wished you could use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a remote control for Logic, now’s your chance. And touch control continues to evolve as an additional option for manipulating music software, alongside good, old-fashioned knobs and faders. Handheld wireless touch control is certainly coming into the mainstream. As we see new controller integration in tools ranging from Ardour to Renoise, Apple quietly added support for iOS touch control in an update to Logic. One line in the release notes says it all: Supports iOS control surface apps that utilize the OSC protocol. Logic Pro 9.1.2: Release […]

iPad Sequencer Meets Vintage Oberheim, and MIDI Endures

StepPolyArp for iPad controlling an Oberheim FVS from Logan Mannstrane on Vimeo. Logan Mannstrane sends in this lovely video combining an iPad MIDI step sequencer — with an Oberheim FVS. It’s a striking intersection of analog and digital technology. But I wanted to ask Logan to explain why he’d use the iPad in this case instead of other MIDI tools — why crossing this generational gap mattered. He responds: That fact that I can interface a synth from the 70′s to new device in 2010 is pretty amazing by iteself. I can have the sequencer in my hands and pull […]

NLog Synth PRO for iPad (Testing the BETA version) + MIDI Mobilizer

mvpadrini | 21. September 2010 Testando a versão beta do novo app sintetizador NLog PRO para iPad utilizando a MIDI Mobilizer Line 6 e um controlador. O solo é da música Cinema Show (Genesis). As possibilidades deste app são impressionantes. Confira mais sobre apps musicais para iOS e outros dispositivos móveis em Testing the beta version of the new NLog Synth PRO for iPad using the MIDI Mobilizer Line 6 and a MIDI controller. The keyboard solo is part of the song Cinema Show (Genesis). The possibilities of this app are really impressive. More about Music Apps on […]

New iPad in early 2011?

AppleInsider has the story on Apple preparing iPad 2 for launch early in 2011 with a front facing camera for FaceTime. That’s all fine, I guess we can expect that from Apple, but I wonder what else they’ll pack into a new iPad? Perhaps more RAM? Perhaps a faster processor? What would you like to see? iPads at the Apple Store Quelle: Tweet

Brady’s top iphone 10 Apps

This is a really hard one, considering that there are so many great apps that have so many different uses. I have come up with a list of the top 10 iPad/iPhone apps made strictly for music composition, (recording apps not included) based on three key features Best sound quality Most intuative user interface Most features Here’s the list: Nanostudio (all you will ever need) Synthstation (great sample quality. Will be made better with synthstation25…if it ever arrives!) iSequence for iPad (fantastic UI and features) Aurora Sound Studio HD (sample quality is not amazing but the app has so many […]