bleton Amp: Amplifier Add-on for Live Goes Minimal, Dirty, Integrated

Dirty and minimal – that’s how I’d describe first impressions of Amp, the just-announced Ableton amp modeling add-on for Live, available a la carte or free with Live Suite. It appears at first glance to be just what you’d expect: it’s a radically simplified user interface for modeling amplifiers (“Amp”) and cabinets (“Cabinet”). (Hey, shouldn’t that have been Amp and Cab, or does that make people think of wine and taxis?) Or, as Ableton’s press release puts it, the aim is to “get good dirt, fast.” What you get in the add-on: Live-styled, minimal UIs, emphasizing essential parameters Inserts you […]

Free Guitar Amp Plug-In For Windows

Le Pou releases LeGion Le Pou has released LeGion is a high gain preamp simulator VST for Windows. Here’s what the has to say about it… This is an original design, it’s not based on any hardware gear. My goal here was to build a high gain sim that doesn’t need any booster in front in order to be tight. Features: 2 channels, actually two completely different preamp circuit 2 modes on each channel, rhythm and lead 2 tonestacks assignable to any of the 2 channels the usual drive and tone controls Pricing and Availability: Free download More information: Le […]