Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Professor Kliq Remix)

The last of the commissioned works, this was a request by a good friend and fellow music student, Doug Raymond AKA „Lord Irwin“ (you can find him here on SC). I really wanted to do something in my own classic style and get back to the stuff I honestly and truly like and not try to compete with the direction that a lot of dance and electronic music is going. Thusly, this is a lot more disco, a lot more cinematic… I think I was able to dig up a lot of the old styles I got into and, thusly, […]

Disco Demons – Mix 2011

This is: * A very subjective musical review of the past year, composed of various tracks that I have loved over the course of 2011: Songs that immediately stuck in my head and stayed there for weeks, tunes that I’ve been playing up and down in my DJ sets or just songs that will be forever connected with good memories after this amazing year. * My humble approach to condensing all these songs into a single piece of music – not only for myself to enjoy but also to share with others. A lot of these songs have been somehow […]